Definition of if you will in English:

if you will


  • Said when politely asking someone to do or consider something.

    ‘imagine, if you will, a typical silversmith's shop’
    • ‘Allow me, if you will, to give you a random sample of the goods, translated from the original German.’
    • ‘What is your sense of the depth of the problem, if you will, and what can be done?’
    • ‘Imagine, if you will, that you have the magical power to see two scenes ahead in a film.’
    • ‘Imagine, if you will, the ruins of an ancient abbey set in a secluded valley on the Kent / Sussex border.’
    • ‘Enjoy with me then, if you will, a fabulous piece of creative writing.’
    • ‘Imagine this scene if you will: a married couple in the throws of passion is interrupted by a man in a white mask.’
    • ‘So with America firmly in mind, consider the final news item if you will.’
    • ‘Imagine, if you will, what would happen if the concept were to be transferred to racing.’
    • ‘Consider for a moment, if you will, the exquisitely delicate hues of this astoundingly lovely tunicate.’
    • ‘Just give it a try, if you will, and let me know how it goes in our next session.’