Definition of idol-worshipping in English:



  • Practising idolatry; idolatrous.

    ‘idol-worshipping paganism’
    • ‘I warred with the idol-worshipping hill chiefs,’
    • ‘His first reaction was that the seemingly disdainful angry glance of Moses was directed at the idol-worshipping mob.’
    • ‘As the entire idol-worshipping world stood on one side, Abraham and his monotheism stood firmly on the other.’
    • ‘He had obliterated all traces of the idol-worshipping religion of his ancestors and replaced it with a monotheistic one.’
    • ‘We may not be sure why, but Jesus ' astounding declaration of inclusion to what we can assume was an idol-worshipping Canaanite woman with the words "Woman, great is your faith!"’
    icon-worshipping, fetishistic
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