Definition of idiotic in English:



  • Very stupid.

    ‘I was able to hum its idiotic theme tune’
    • ‘Everything is illegal unless approved by the government, thus the reason for such idiotic regulations and directives.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the starting rockets go off and some crazy, idiotic people actually run towards the bulls.’
    • ‘So I thank all those people who got upset and told their friends to read what idiotic things I had written.’
    • ‘They were idiotic, pathetic, short-sighted and unimaginative, but at least they were predictable.’
    • ‘Loosen your tie and repeat idiotic mouthings until you're blue in the face.’
    • ‘It would be embarrassing to look back and realise that I had put my idiotic thoughts up in a public place.’
    • ‘Enemies running the range from thoughtful to downright idiotic.’
    • ‘It was not just any sub, but it was Mr. Roberts, the stupidest and most idiotic of all substitutes.’
    • ‘If you did, you would know that the sound quality varies so greatly, that a statement like that is idiotic.’
    • ‘God, everyone still has the ability to make me feel guilty and make me feel like this whole stupid, idiotic thing is all my fault!’
    • ‘He showed his excitement and joy through idiotic dancing and head banging.’
    • ‘We move now from the sublimely idiotic to the merely malicious and stupid.’
    • ‘I think it's an idiotic idea but that's okay there are lots of stupid things in the world.’
    • ‘I really don't want to start talking about the myriad varieties of idiotic people I'm forced to encounter every day.’
    • ‘And most of it was neither true, nor even remotely plausible, before Hollywood got hold of it and made it even more idiotic.’
    • ‘Well, now the kidnapping of the French hostages provides the clearest repudiation of that idiotic and ignorant opinion.’
    • ‘What idiotic councillors gave planning permission for that?’
    • ‘Easy to say and easy to understand but the media are surely aware that there will always be an idiotic minority who do not comprehend this simple truth.’
    • ‘Investors panicked over it as a consumer application and jumped on the idiotic enterprise bandwagon.’
    • ‘It's idiotic, but idiocy in the defence of freedom is no vice.’
    stupid, silly, foolish, half-witted, witless, brainless, mindless, thoughtless, imprudent, incautious, irresponsible, injudicious, indiscreet, unwise, unintelligent, unreasonable
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