Definition of idiot box in English:

idiot box


North American
  • A television set.

    • ‘He is a home bird who hates the idiot box - ‘it simply takes too much of your time’ - as much as he loves wearing the apron and whipping up a quick Italian dinner.’
    • ‘So, dear reader, instead of plonking yourself down in front of the idiot box at 10 o'clock, soaking in the hourly vacuous ‘bytes’, read a piece each night.’
    • ‘Someone above mentioned the idiot box in their comment.’
    • ‘Distribution is still tricky, and getting a TV broadcast license invariably means meeting the content restrictions of the suits who run the idiot box.’
    • ‘I could just release my emotions to marijuana every single night, at home, right in front of the idiot box, and let its flickering pixels entertain me, but would I regret it?’
    • ‘When you switch off the idiot box, you wouldn't be looking around your living room, saying, ‘jeez, every thing looks the same!’’
    • ‘Of course, this is all completely inside my head (I know nobody would actually watch), but I just figured that most people like their news best from an idiot box.’
    • ‘The stars of the tinsel world, in a way, rediscovered themselves: their sway over the masses; their potential to lure people away from the idiot box.’
    • ‘Those would be the vast majority who get their news and views from the idiot box.’
    • ‘In the fall, instead of watching the idiot box I go to the shop and make a few things.’
    • ‘We watched the Aparna Sen movie ‘Mr. & Mrs. Iyer’ yesterday on the idiot box.’
    • ‘A chance for Generation Y to discover different worlds than just the ones that come on the idiot box, this is a ‘gift’ they really need.’
    • ‘The need of the hour is collective responsibility from parents, teachers and society to keep the children away from the idiot box, which acts as a virus in cyber related crimes.’
    • ‘So is pretty much every show on television, and I do watch the idiot box occasionally, and enjoy it.’
    • ‘Seeing one's face on the screen is no doubt thrilling, and being told the next day by your colleagues and rivals that they saw you on the idiot box the previous evening is even more thrilling.’
    • ‘Since all my married friends were attending a ‘couples only’ party and there really was nothing worthwhile being aired on the idiot box, I decided to experiment.’
    • ‘The reason they call television the idiot box is because that's how anyone who doesn't wear a suit or a badge is portrayed on it.’
    • ‘It does have a positive effect: We read and play games and turn the idiot box off much more as a result.’
    • ‘Just look around you - on celluloid, on the idiot box, on massive hoardings, on magazine covers - everywhere, you will find the dominance of the female or rather the female anatomy.’
    • ‘They not only spend several hours a day watching the idiot box, they also tell their parents where to bank, and which water purifier, soap, toothpaste and airline to buy or use.’