Definition of ideologue in English:



  • An adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic.

    ‘a right-wing ideologue’
    • ‘These extremist ideologues abhor the very idea of a government program that works.’
    • ‘He provides a forensic analysis of US foreign policy through the speeches and texts of its own ideologues.’
    • ‘Figuratively speaking, that would also be the well-deserved fate of America's Jacobin ideologues.’
    • ‘For years he was regarded as a solitary pip-squeak voice on the far right, a lonely ideologue from a Southern backwater.’
    • ‘The federal judiciary in particular is increasingly dominated by right-wing ideologues.’
    • ‘This is a classic straw-man argument; if all feminists were crazed ideologues certainly they would alienate many women, but this is simply not the case.’
    • ‘It's time to lay down the law to the extremist uncompromising ideologues.’
    • ‘The years of perestroika witnessed the transformation of Izvestia into the leading ideologue of capitalist reforms.’
    • ‘The editor was not an uncompromising ideologue attempting to turn back the clock.’
    • ‘I am far more of an ideologue than a partisan, and rarely hesitate to criticize bad politicians or bad policies, regardless of which party they come from.’
    • ‘Yusuf (not his real name) is not an ideologue, either nationalist or religious.’
    • ‘Well, they just caved in to a group of right-wing ideologues that hate this law.’
    • ‘New Labour ideologues and their supporters want us to believe that youth crime is something new and particularly menacing.’
    • ‘A good literary critic is not a political ideologue or policy wonk.’
    • ‘Theodore Roosevelt was an heir, and an ideologue, of the defeated Confederacy.’
    • ‘In the beginning, administration ideologues were convinced we'd be welcomed with flowers.’
    • ‘The hardcore ideologues of zero government are trumpeting the recall as a new populist revolution.’
    • ‘Holyrood has no revising chamber that could temper the extremism of these ideologues.’
    • ‘There has always been a group among the ideologues that believed in a first strike and a winnable nuclear war.’
    • ‘To govern successfully, Chen must avoid serving his own party's extremists and ideologues.’


Early 19th century: from French idéologue; see also ideology.