Definition of identifier in English:



  • 1A person or thing that identifies someone or something.

    ‘the new NHS number is to be known as the ‘unique patient identifier’’
    • ‘The system gives patients a unique identifier and records details of sex, age, and each outpatient referral (including the specialty and dates of subsequent appointments).’
    • ‘This is of very little use unless combined with other - more unique - personal identifiers.’
    • ‘Sequence identifiers are shown inside the nodes.’
    • ‘We can provide rough sketches of how he looks, and probe for unique identifiers.’
    • ‘All responses were anonymous and linked to individual respondents through a unique identifier, where only independent research assistants were able to match identifiers to students.’
    • ‘Those variables and other geographic identifiers were useful when predicting the price of child care facing mothers across different regions of the country.’
    • ‘Optical and photonic technology can address this area by providing unique biometric identifiers.’
    • ‘Because member numbers can change, the date of birth is a unique identifier used to confirm that we are accessing the correct account and to eliminate duplicate subscriptions.’
    • ‘Think about it - the signs will probably have a unique identifier anyway, given by the roads crew to facilitate their placement.’
    • ‘The interview tapes were transcribed verbatim and assigned a unique identifier for each participant.’
    • ‘The accession numbers/gene identifiers of the sequences are shown.’
    • ‘In that sense we use the metaphor of the bar code, it's a unique identifier for each species.’
    • ‘The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency introduced new plates on Saturday, with location and age identifiers within the registration numbers.’
    • ‘By necessity, this survey is anonymous, with no unique identifiers at all.’
    • ‘These data were then used to create unique identifiers for unduplicating and matching case records according to a predetermined process.’
    • ‘The introduction and use of biometric identifiers will be pursued so as to guarantee more effective identification of holders of travel and residence documents and to improve the securitisation of certain types of documents.’
    • ‘To radio listeners, it sounds vaguely like the quacking of a duck, but encoded within it is a timestamp, a station identifier, a region code, an expiration time, and a three-letter event code identifying the type of alert.’
    • ‘A verification process for release of autografts should use two unique patient identifiers to ensure that the correct procedure, site, position, and implants are used for the correct patient.’
    • ‘Used in combination with other identifiers such as passwords and user names, hardware features such as processor serial number can provide added confidence.’
    • ‘On the face of it, the National Student Number system is used for fairly benign purposes, but the Greens have always been concerned that these unique personal identifiers could be readily misused.’
    1. 1.1Computing A sequence of characters used to identify or refer to a program or an element, such as a variable or a set of data, within it.
      • ‘Similarly, an identifier used in program source text, such as is meant to stand for a global procedure or data type, could be made to refer to the source text defining the value to be bound to that global at runtime.’
      • ‘You may need to query the/proc/bus/usb filesystem for your available USB identifiers, and you may need to try each identifier to find which one applies to your hardware.’
      • ‘Next, the host performs a series of numerical operations on stored keys and identifiers to assemble a Content Key.’
      • ‘Rather, the filename's location will be resolvable with reference to its identifier.’
      • ‘Also, some dependencies might not have filenames but are abstract identifiers that might be provided by any number of alternative packages.’
  • 2A person who identifies with something or someone.

    ‘Labour identifiers and left-wingers’
    • ‘Table 6.8 also shows that high American identifiers cared more about procedural fairness than did low American identifiers.’
    • ‘In contrast, only 76 per cent of Labour "identifiers" intend to back the party, while for the Liberal Democrats the figure is 83 per cent.’