Definition of ideate in English:



[with object]Psychology
  • 1Form an idea of; imagine or conceive.

    ‘the arc whose ideated centre is a nodal point in the composition’
    • ‘Our firm ideates, creates and executes growth strategies for multiple retail channel development.’
    • ‘The building was ideated by Ugo Giusti, before the beginning of the First World War, and it was ended in 1923.’
    • ‘The mind or input consciousness ideated the action concept in the first place - with some effort.’
    • ‘Authentic architectural experiences derive from real or ideated bodily confrontations rather than visually observed entities.’
    • ‘However, I solved the situation successfully by following the strategy of ideating quality programmes and then banking on the local team to do the job perfectly.’
    imagine, envisage, visualize, picture, picture in one's mind's eye, conjure up an image of, think, see, perceive, grasp, appreciate, apprehend
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    1. 1.1no object Form ideas; think.
      • ‘When others weep over Bangalore's infrastructure woes, Infosys chairman and chief mentor Narayana Murthy ideates.’
      • ‘Concentration, by selection and intensification, is necessary because the mind ideates, abstracts, typifies.’
      • ‘Behind the one-way glass, executives of a transportation company would listen and watch in order to ‘ideate,’ our moderator tells us.’
      • ‘He showed me a special room set aside especially for ‘ideating.’’
      • ‘Good for him, if it means the Babu can stop ‘ideating’ now.’


Late 17th century: from medieval Latin ideat- ‘formed as an idea’, from the verb ideare, from Latin idea (see idea).