Definition of ideas man in English:

ideas man

(North American idea man)


  • A person who is particularly good at thinking of new or original ideas.

    ‘he's the ideas man and the others do the day-to-day work’
    • ‘He was an ideas man, a back-office boy, a doer, an organiser.’
    • ‘He was every boss' favorite employee: a hard-working idea man with inexhaustible energy and a nose for the market.’
    • ‘Above all, he is an ideas man who is clearly uncomfortable talking about himself.’
    • ‘He's an idea man, not a political strategist.’
    • ‘My will and ambition had been diluted by years of being the ideas man, a thinker, not a doer, a position of unchanging powerlessness in any company.’
    • ‘"He is the ideas man, the entrepreneur, the driving force behind the new building."’
    • ‘He can certainly sharpen pencils, and he can certainly cut, slash, and burn, but he is not an ideas man.’
    • ‘He does not come across as an ideas man, or rather the ideas he has can be thoroughly chewed over in the time it takes to down a lukewarm espresso.’
    • ‘I'm an ideas man, not a day-to-day management person.’
    • ‘Maybe Pin should have kept in closer touch with the reality of his businesses, instead of staying above the fray as a self-described "ideas man."’
    • ‘In his testimony, he described himself as the idea man, the strategy guy, the schmoozer of big clients, the "outside voice of the company."’
    • ‘It's my weakness - I'm an ideas man, follow through is hard.’
    • ‘Dad was certainly the ideas man, but on this occasion mum had a better one.’
    • ‘I'm more an idea man, so I'll leave it to some clever engineers to design and install such a system.’