Definition of iconicity in English:



  • See iconic

    • ‘In 1999 she chose to lend her hard-earned, carefully honed iconicity to Max Factor.’
    • ‘Traditionally, in linguistics, iconicity is understood in terms of a perceived resemblance between signifier and signified, between phonological structure and semantic structure, between sound and meaning.’
    • ‘Zidane's iconicity is not just about economic fetishism that marks the celebrity stature of most sporting icons of Western capitalist countries.’
    • ‘Messaris presented the first comprehensive theory of visual persuasion, in which he utilizes the three semiotic concepts of iconicity, indexicality, and syntactic indeterminacy and applies them to persuasive images.’
    • ‘A simplistic understanding of realism as intensified iconicity was implicit in the modernist critique of realist art as false and deceptive - an art of illusions portraying illusions.’