Definition of ickiness in English:



  • See icky

    • ‘I guess I was just having a bad day, and all of that ickiness was just adding up, and hitting me where it hurts.’
    • ‘And it seems to me that your question isn't really about this guy, it's more about how to handle the ickiness of living in an all-white, all-rich town.’
    • ‘And the sophomores wander into the debate and decide based on their level of ickiness or decide that one term fits all under the law of God.’
    • ‘I had only written about one thousand words yesterday when I had to stop due to a rare headache and a general feeling of ickiness.’
    • ‘And that particular ickiness about the flag - which afflicts even practical leftists who have no qualms about power or working within the system - is a big part of what's holding us back from that goal.’