Definition of ichthyologist in English:



  • See ichthyology

    • ‘Capelin are extremely numerous and more commercially important than most of the other species in this paper, and so may have received greater attention from ichthyologists over the years.’
    • ‘One of the main challenges faced by ichthyologists hoping to discover and document the fish species in very big South American rivers is to devise ways to survey less accessible parts of the channels.’
    • ‘Sticklebacks are one of the most studied fishes by ichthyologists and behaviorists.’
    • ‘Such is the case with the larva in the photograph, tentatively identified by several ichthyologists as Thalassenchelys coheni.’
    • ‘The book is of interest to ichthyologists, general field ecologists, in fact, everyone with an interest in the fishes of the state!’