Definition of ichthyolite in English:



  • A fossil fish.

    • ‘But the weeks glided all too quickly away among the ichthyolites of Caithness and Cromarty, and the shells and lignites of Sutherland and Ross.’
    • ‘In the limestone and ichthyolites there are more than 20 species of lagoonal fish, fish of freshwater, of brackish and open sea water, all marvelously preserved with well-evident scales and fishbones.’
    • ‘It will be seen that the first-mentioned of these ancient ichthyolites bears a name compounded, though, in the reverse order, of exactly the same words.’
    • ‘In the more ancient rocks the forms depart so widely from those of existing fishes, that it is very difficult, at least in the present state of science, to derive any positive information from ichthyolites respecting the element in which strata were deposited.’
    • ‘The volume explains the forming process and delineates the categories and distribution of ichthyolites in China.’


Early 19th century: from ichthyo- ‘fish’ + Latin oleum ‘oil’ + lithos ‘stone’.