Definition of ichthyoid in English:



  • Resembling a fish; fishlike.

    • ‘Recovered ichthyoid remains include shark micro teeth and scales.’
    • ‘The title, taken from St. Anthony's famous ichthyoid missionary work, is Sermon to the Fishes.’


  • Any fishlike vertebrate.

    • ‘The move left many farmers devastated, some even bankrupt, and triggered intense anger over the government's decision to elevate the concerns of ichthyoids over those of human beings.’
    • ‘None of you realise it yet, but this is an advance as big as the step the first ichthyoid took out of the protozoic sea 300 million years ago.’
    • ‘Old Asian people bent over bins of live crab and scrutinized all the fish & ichthyoids held in tanks.’
    • ‘No sign remained there of the ghostly ichthyoids that had emerged from the waves the night before.’
    • ‘The poor ichthyoids are even discriminated against by many so-called vegetarians who deny fish their status as members of the animal kingdom since they're wet, smelly, and don't purr.’