Definition of ichthus in English:



  • An image of a fish used as a symbol of Christianity.

    • ‘The cross on my leg is black ink and the arm band (two ichthuses, a cross and my wife and son's names) is also black ink.’
    • ‘Religious jewelry such as crosses, crucifixes, stars of David, ichthuses, crescents, etc, are permissible if similar jewelry is permitted in the dresscode.’
    • ‘Do you bless your car - I know the St. Christopher medal's popular, but is there anything else you do to it (scapulars, ichthuses on the back, etc.)?’


From Greek ikhthus ‘fish’, an early symbol of Christianity: the initial letters of the word are sometimes taken as short for I esous Ch ristos, Th eou U ios, S oter (Jesus Christ, son of God, saviour).