Definition of ichthus in English:



  • An image of a fish used as a symbol of Christianity.

    • ‘The cross on my leg is black ink and the arm band (two ichthuses, a cross and my wife and son's names) is also black ink.’
    • ‘Do you bless your car - I know the St. Christopher medal's popular, but is there anything else you do to it (scapulars, ichthuses on the back, etc.)?’
    • ‘Religious jewelry such as crosses, crucifixes, stars of David, ichthuses, crescents, etc, are permissible if similar jewelry is permitted in the dresscode.’


From Greek ikhthus ‘fish’, an early symbol of Christianity: the initial letters of the word are sometimes taken as short for I esous Ch ristos, Th eou U ios, S oter (Jesus Christ, son of God, saviour).