Definition of ichnography in English:



  • A ground plan of a building or map of a region.

    • ‘The food producing and dealing units, when applying for the Health Permit, shall submit to the inspection and quarantine authorities the ichnographies of their places of business and their processing flow diagrams.’
    • ‘Every project is appended with the brief design introduction, general planning, ichnographies, section pictures, some general layout maps, scenery pictures and effect charts.’
    • ‘The ichnography to which Joseph Campbell refers is the symbolic vocabulary embodied in European and African Neolithic art.’
    • ‘It is illustrated with twelve curious draughts of the ichnographies, uprights, and other prospects of these cathedrals.’
    • ‘Early pagodas were usually wooden and had quadrangle, hexangle, octagonal and twelve sided ichnographies.’


Late 16th century: from French ichnographie, or via Latin from Greek ikhnographia, from ikhnos ‘track’ + -graphia (see -graphy).