Definition of iced in English:



  • 1attributive (of a drink or other liquid) cooled in or containing pieces of ice.

    ‘jugs of iced water’
    • ‘The night commences and everyone sprang into a social butterfly, while I sat at my seat and slowly drank my iced water.’
    • ‘When the cubes are al dente, chill immediately in iced water.’
    • ‘Bottles of green tea, cooled in chests of iced water, are among the refreshing drinks available.’
    • ‘Have a drink of cool or iced water if you are flushed, it may help to settle it down.’
    • ‘Blood collected for analysis was cooled immediately with iced water and centrifuged at 2200 rpm for 20 minutes.’
    • ‘I'm watching Meet the Press, as I drink iced coffee and eat an egg sandwich.’
    • ‘And Dong Ayi did not exactly complain when I took a shower or opened the window or drank iced water.’
    • ‘For some time, the patient has been living off junk food, in particular pizza with cold iced drinks.’
    • ‘The same trend holds true for iced coffee or tea and alcohol.’
    • ‘When it gets too much, there is always a fan to stand beside, an iced drink to savour.’
    • ‘Davey noticed how the big guy was only drinking iced water.’
    • ‘I even got another iced coffee, one of many during the trip.’
    • ‘Jade stuck her tongue out at her and went back to drinking her iced coffee.’
    • ‘People used the ice to store food and also to make iced drinks.’
    • ‘End off with an iced drink or hot cocoa or hot cider depending on the season.’
    • ‘Everybody else stayed on the belvedere, sipping iced drinks.’
    • ‘Some can be used to cook with or make iced drinks.’
    • ‘Some coffees - particularly the frozen or sweetened iced drinks - can pack a powerful caloric punch.’
    • ‘It's most helpful when you have a headache and a strong thirst for iced drinks.’
    • ‘Out on the broad verandas of the hotel, men and women, in coolwhite, sipped iced drinks and kept their circulation down.’
    cool, chilled, cold, refrigerated, with ice
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    1. 1.1 (of a surface or object) covered or coated with ice.
      ‘Campari and soda in a tall, iced glass’
      • ‘Oetzi's new home is a refrigerated igloo covered with dozens of iced tiles.’
      • ‘Knees got iced, thighs got iced, necks got iced, and whole bodies got dunked in freezing baths.’
      • ‘The golf course was a forested winter wonderland of white with iced sugar trees and woods on all sides.’
      • ‘Served in a chilled, or iced glass this is a beer which not only flirts with perfection but goes on to consummate the relationship.’
      • ‘He put his hands to the iced glass, and tried to get his face as close as he could to that person.’
      • ‘Pour the ingredients into a shaker, give it an over-the-shoulder shake and pour straight up into the iced glass.’
  • 2attributive (of a cake or biscuit) decorated with icing.

    • ‘They all celebrated his success after the race and presented him with a specially iced cake.’
    • ‘He picked up an iced bun from the silver stand on the counter.’
    • ‘A raffle will take place for a rich iced fruit cake.’
    • ‘Uncle Sam arrives in good time: The marquee is up, Uncle Sam's arrived, and the cake is iced.’
    • ‘The family cook runs out of mincemeat, the cake is not iced yet and the tree is still to be decorated.’
    • ‘Being a sucker for iced Christmas cake, I was delighted with my choice, especially as Ann declined a sample!’
    • ‘As I walked down the street of her house, lost in my thoughts of iced cake and fine tea, I bumped into a young woman.’
    • ‘Part of the problem was figuring out what was inside some of the heavily iced cakes.’
    • ‘Tea was served with a piece of blue and white (the new guild's colours) iced christening cake.’
    • ‘Spread Royal Icing on the flat side of each of two disks; push iced sides together to form a roughly spherical shape.’
    • ‘A big thank you to Mary Morrisson who has baked and donated a beautiful iced cake to be raffled.’
    • ‘The door closed behind her as she went back inside the house, which was iced like a cake from the winter frost.’
    • ‘Push an iced cookie into the top of each cupcake.’
    • ‘Keep the project really simple by purchasing large heart-shaped iced cookies, or you can bake your own.’
    • ‘Right in the middle of the table was a big birthday cake, iced in white with red flowers, and Happy 18th birthday Toni in gold.’
    • ‘The guild's next meeting is on Tuesday, January 7 and the competition is for the best slice of homemade iced Christmas cake.’