Definition of iceboat in English:



  • 1A light, wind-driven vehicle with sails and runners, used for travelling on ice.

    • ‘And when the water gets hard only the iceboat crowd is smiling.’
    • ‘Modern iceboats have been reported to reach 90 miles per hour, but in 1938 an official speed record was set that still holds.’
    • ‘There's a comfortable ranch house with an Explorer, an Expedition, and a Vanagon in the driveway and an iceboat in the garage.’
  • 2A boat used for breaking ice on a waterway.

    • ‘The iceboat's chief, Captain Daniel K. Oliver, picked up his binoculars and took in the view from the Healy's bridge.’
    • ‘He's worked on patrol boats in Florida and scuba-dived under the North Pole, but piloting an iceboat still gets his adrenaline pumping.’