Definition of ice yacht in English:

ice yacht


  • another term for iceboat (sense 1)
    • ‘In the best of years, the ice yachts can sail from Staatsburg to Catskill - nearly 30 miles.’
    • ‘The specific construction of the boats and the runners offering strong sideward resistance, allow ice yachts to travel at speeds greater than the real wind.’
    • ‘The antique ice yachts can weigh up to 3000 lb, span 50 ft., and do 80 miles an hour with a good wind.’
    • ‘Ice sailing began in Europe in the mid 17th century, and ice yachts were long the fastest vehicle known.’
    • ‘Only with minor changes this ice yacht is still built according to the original drawings.’
    • ‘We now have all seasons covered, sailing in the summer, land yachts in the spring and fall, and ice yachts in the winter.’
    • ‘He is producing a television documentary on ice yachts and was interested in further information on the ice yachts at Mawson.’
    • ‘The stern-steering ice yachts of the day were rather large compared to today's designs.’
    • ‘The sport continues to this day with a club of dedicated sailors who have lovingly restored, maintained and continued to sail the antique ice yachts of yesteryear.’
    • ‘The ice yacht was built by Trevor Taylor who was one of the diesel mechanics at Mawson in 1995 / 6.’
    • ‘To sail an ice yacht is a fantastic experience and many are surprised that it is so easy to learn!’
    • ‘Antique ice yachts are all about speed, but getting the clubs that sail them to actually race can be glacially slow.’
    • ‘This expedition is a logical sequel of the exploration of the great Asian lakes by ice yachts.’
    • ‘Well ironically, that was on an ice yacht in Antarctica, and that would have been in 1971, and of course I was able bodied then.’
    • ‘This exhilarating sport has been enjoyed by the happy owners of ice yachts this week.’
    • ‘It was designed by J. A. Roosevelt, the uncle of FDR, and was considered to be the fastest ice yacht of its time.’
    • ‘Antique wooden ice yachts are typically ‘stern steers’, thirty to forty feet long with gaff rigged sails over 250 square feet.’
    • ‘Interest in ice boating waned again, and the ice yachts were gradually stored in barns and sheds all over town.’
    • ‘The design is somewhat different from the faster ice yachts that were soon to be built.’
    • ‘There are now several classes of ice yacht which vary in size, sail area and performance.’