Definition of ice plant in English:

ice plant


  • 1Either of two succulent plants which are widely cultivated for their flowers.

    an Asian stonecrop which bears domed heads of tiny pink flowers (Sedum spectabile, family Crassulaceae).

    a South African plant which has leaves covered with glistening fluid-filled hairs that resemble ice crystals (genera Mesembryanthemum and Dorotheanthus, family Aizoaceae, in particular M. crystallinum).

    • ‘Expression of McHAK2 and McHAK3 was stimulated in leaves of the ice plant in response to high salinity.’
    • ‘I topped this one with a piece of ice plant, the most amazing salad leaf imaginable.’
    • ‘A similar response to drought or salt stress was observed for McCDPK1 in common ice plant.’
    • ‘The ice plant's lime green foliage contrasts strongly with prickly silver mats of neighboring pinks.’
    • ‘If you want to attract butterflies to your garden in late summer and autumn, look no further than the ice plant, a perennial which has pretty domed heads of pink flowers above thick, succulent leaves.’
  • 2A machine or installation for making ice artificially.

    • ‘Dingle harbour board are currently in negotiations with BIM and Kerry County Council on the future of the former ice plant on Strand Street.’
    • ‘Monthly quality assurance inspections and assessments were made of dining facilities, water-production sites, ice plants, detention cells, barbershops, and base camps.’
    • ‘We can't see it, but they say an ice plant is shipping two tons of ice a week there.’
    • ‘We've also prepared an area for a permanent water purification facility and ice plant.’
    • ‘They smiled as they talked about the two homes, the ice plant, and the 16 shacks that were all gone.’
    • ‘City crews will be hooking the curling rink ice plant up to the thermal siphons to hurry the arena ground along, but it will still take a lot of time.’
    • ‘Paranitha was quickly transformed into Sea Otter, but without the ice plants and sea breeze.’
    • ‘The ice plant is protected under a long term contract.’
    • ‘During the Florida hurricane crisis of fall 2004, that meant directing a sophisticated logistics challenge that enlisted refrigerated trucks and ice plants around the nation.’
    • ‘Councillors have backed plans to build a new Stromness ice plant, despite a downturn in the fishing industry and rising costs.’
    • ‘The harbour board is concerned about local teenagers who have been climbing up a ladder, on the pier ice plant, and launching themselves into the sea below.’
    • ‘He studied its ice plant and told the arena manager the soft ice at The Pond could be improved with sorer water.’
    • ‘Major recent seafront developments in Dingle include a marina, an extension of the pier and an ice plant.’
    • ‘Later on a new ice plant was built for Lake Simcoe Ice at North Toronto right next to the main line.’
    • ‘To chill the mix, an adjacent ice plant produced 130 tons of shaved ice per day.’
    • ‘The engineers are looking at heat pumps, ice plants and various possible solutions.’
    • ‘Howth pier and fish shops have several modern cold storage units and ice plants, which are mostly taken for granted in this day and age.’
    • ‘Opening the ice plant on the Harbour of Inishturk, Minister Coughlan said that it was a major step forward for the island's fishermen.’
    • ‘Sugar mills are among Bayamon's chief industries, along with iron foundries, ice plants, dairies, and an oil refinery.’
    • ‘A member of the public called the police, claiming that they had seen a person jumping into the water, near the ice plant, at about 1.40 am on Sunday.’