Definition of ice pick in English:

ice pick


  • 1A small pick used by climbers to traverse ice-covered slopes.

    • ‘Can literature, as Franz Kafka says, serve as ‘an ice pick to break up the frozen sea within us?’’
    • ‘One man was hard at work with a giant ice pick, attempting to de-ice the fountains.’
    • ‘To cite a sardonic song of self-mockery in leftist circles: ‘Trotsky got the ice pick… and so say all of us.’’
    • ‘On August 20, 1940, at his exile retreat in Coyoacan, Mexico, a Stalinist police agent plunged an ice pick into Trotsky's brain.’
    • ‘Using the spike like an ice pick, he began to climb.’
    • ‘By Feb. 23, at least 20 truck and car tires - including spare tires mounted on the front and back of trucks - had been pierced by a sharp instrument, possibly an ice pick.’
    • ‘A Cook County jury on Wednesday deliberated for about an hour before finding Daniel Escobedo guilty of killing shopkeeper Ki Hwan Kim with an ice pick in 1983.’
    • ‘I ascended this sheer wall in trepidation, an ice pick in either hand and spike-tipped crampons on my feet.’
    • ‘And eventually, even Trotsky was murdered in Mexico City in 1940, an ice pick to the head.’
    • ‘Trotsky was eventually discovered in a hotel in Mexico where Stalin's agent killed him by plunging an ice pick into his brain.’
    • ‘She had expected to have to break the glass with the ice pick to get to the driver but the collision had caused the door to partially pop open.’
    • ‘If I tell you it features Mexico, fiestas, Trotsky, Stalin and an ice pick, you'll get the historical drift.’
    • ‘When he was arrested in September, 1995, for failure to attend another court hearing, police found various weapons in his flat, including large pieces of wood, an ice pick and a large metal hook.’
    • ‘I grabbed an ice pick off the sledge and tramped away from the camp towards the face of Portal Mountain.’
    • ‘Moments like those are priceless - seeing your cheating ex trying to chip his car out with an ice pick.’
    • ‘The servants employed to see to the upkeep of the grounds at Versailles had cleared away the snow and the man with the giant ice pick was starting to make some progress.’
    • ‘Should you attempt to dump a Virgo man, he will almost certainly come after you with an ice pick.’
    • ‘Even with an admittedly disturbing ring, a cell phone could never match the scare of a clown jumping out of a closet, brandishing an ice pick.’
    • ‘The more experienced residents among you are no doubt out there shopping for winter boots, ice picks and kneepads, awaiting the winter season.’
    • ‘They advised qualified parties to bring an ice pick, an avalanche probe and crampons.’
  • 2A sharp, straight, pointed implement with a handle, used to break ice into small pieces for chilling food and drinks.

    • ‘And then Nurse Rached approached me with a needle the size of an ice pick, evil grin on her pinched face.’
    • ‘An awl, ice pick or other sharp pointed object works well to remove either type of retainer.’
    • ‘It was like something was picking at her brain with an ice pick.’
    • ‘Using an ice pick or a pin-point punch awl, gently poke holes through the stencil and into the pumpkin.’
    • ‘Get Mom to use an ice pick or other sharp object to puncture the fabric at the screw holes, and re-attach lid to chest.’
    • ‘I found a chopper in his right front pocket and an ice pick in another pocket of his pants.’
    • ‘I guarantee that I can ‘nick’ your granite with a variety of household items, including an ice pick.’
    • ‘In this procedure, the frontal lobe of the brain was surgically destroyed with a tool like an ice pick.’


ice pick