Definition of ice dancing in English:

ice dancing


mass noun
  • A form of choreographed figure skating influenced by ballroom dancing, typically performed by a man and a woman competing as a team.

    • ‘‘I like to skate with a partner and I also love the theatrical side of ice dancing,’ he said.’
    • ‘She competed in singles until she was twelve, when she started ice dancing.’
    • ‘The result was a 5-4 decision that gave Canada its first world championship in ice dancing.’
    • ‘I started ice dancing when I was nine and had a few other partners before I started with Alexei.’
    • ‘Her parents, Carol and Robert, are former ice dancers who competed at the Olympic Games when ice dancing was an exhibition sport.’
    • ‘‘I'm fortunate to have a mom who knows ice dancing and can give me feedback,’ Lauren noted.’
    • ‘Figure skating includes four disciplines - singles men and ladies skating, pairs skating, and ice dancing.’
    • ‘She offers thorough guidance on singles, ice dancing, and pairs, and she offers valid advice on synchronized skating.’
    • ‘She looks hopeless, but probably had the kind of privileged upbringing where she had professional ice dancing lessons every day.’
    • ‘He was a singles skater for seven years, but switched to ice dancing when he was 15.’
    • ‘Before even learning the basics of skating she was already trying her hand at ice dancing.’
    • ‘She began ice dancing because she didn't like jumping.’
    • ‘But I was afraid of the jumps, so my trainer told me to go to ice dancing when I couldn't land an axel.’
    • ‘I think ice dancing was made for me because I'm able to express the emotions I'm feeling to an audience.’
    • ‘Both of us are competing in the solo ice dancing.’
    • ‘There is too much rush from one move to the next in today's ice dancing.’
    • ‘So it is no surprise that ice dancing, not freestyle skating, is king in Lake Placid in August.’
    • ‘The Italians' unceremonious drop to fourth place is unheard of in the world of ice dancing.’
    • ‘Moxley later switched to ice dancing and competed in senior dance with Alexander Kirsanov.’
    • ‘In pairs skating and ice dancing, acute injuries occurred more often than overuse syndromes.’


  • ice dancer

      • ‘‘I have always been an ice dancer,’ McCullough stated.’
      • ‘‘I spent most of my early skating years, before becoming an ice dancer, doing singles,’ Roberts said.’
      • ‘But I didn't have the desire to be an ice dancer and I'm too tall for pairs.’
      • ‘My father wanted me to be a dancer and my mother wanted me to be a skater so I became an ice dancer.’
      • ‘O'Keefe's older sister, Keelin, is a gold level ice dancer, but no longer competes since she is attending the U.S. Air Force Academy.’


ice dancing