Definition of I tell a lie (or that's a lie) in English:

I tell a lie (or that's a lie)


  • Used to correct oneself immediately when one realizes that one has made an incorrect remark.

    ‘I never used to dream—I tell a lie, I did dream when I was little’
    • ‘Actually that's a lie; I've seen daughter #3 covet some of the things in that shop and she's almost 19!’
    • ‘No I tell a lie, I actually thought about making pancakes, my folks have gone away to Ilfracombe for the weekend leaving me and my brother to fend for ourselves, but then couldn't be bothered.’
    • ‘No, wait, I tell a lie, I'll be back there next month.’
    • ‘Okay, I tell a lie, that's not his only purpose in life.’
    • ‘Actually, that's a lie - we managed to establish that we both love liquorice.’
    • ‘No, I tell a lie, Mother's day just beats it.’
    • ‘Okay, I tell a lie; I recognised it as Tartan Day.’
    • ‘Wait, I tell a lie - the youngest is only about ninety-seven, I should think.’
    • ‘We are so jealous of you; well actually that's a lie.’
    • ‘Actually, that's a lie, I returned to York on Monday night but this is the first time I've actually sat down at my computer to go through my e-mails.’