Definition of I (or I'll) warrant (you) in English:

I (or I'll) warrant (you)


  • Used to express the speaker's certainty about something.

    ‘I'll warrant you'll thank me for it in years to come’
    • ‘They do this while reading it religiously and, I'll warrant, using it as a way of keeping tabs on how various stories are playing, especially at the grass-roots level.’
    • ‘On the pitch two gallant teams went at it hammer and tongs while off it, their passionate supporters kept up an incessant cacophony, which will not, I'll warrant, be equalled at the county final.’
    • ‘But as it stands, the people who are running this business are doing it for all of the wrong reasons and, I'll warrant, in all the wrong ways.’
    • ‘I'll warrant that the usual suspect behind modern urban malaise - the breakdown of the fabric of traditional communities - has something to do with it.’
    • ‘No; that garden is cultivated by the own hands of Signor Giacomo Rappaccini, the famous doctor, who, I warrant, has been heard of as far as Naples.’