Definition of hypsilophodont in English:


(also hypsilophodontid)


  • A small bipedal herbivorous dinosaur of the late Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, adapted for swift running.

    Family Hypsilophodontidae, infraorder Ornithopoda, order Ornithischia

    • ‘Along with the giant herbivores there were also the small fleet-footed ‘fabrosaurs’, scutellosaurs, and hypsilophodontids.’
    • ‘Other bones of plant-eating dinosaurs, such as hypsilophodontids, were uncovered from the same region of peninsular Antarctica.’
    • ‘The Ornithopoda included the hadrosaurs, the iguanodontids, the heterodontosaurs, the hypsilophodontids, and various other dinosaurs.’
    • ‘Almost half of the dinosaur fossils found in southeastern Australia are hypsilophodontids.’
    • ‘This is not true for the hypsilophodontids, which implies they remained active year round, and didn't hibernate, said Rich.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Hypsilophodontidae, from Greek hupsilophos ‘high-crested’ + odous, odont- ‘tooth’.