Definition of hypoxia in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • 1Deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues.

    • ‘Oxygen is cheap, widely available, and used in a range of settings and conditions to relieve or prevent tissue hypoxia.’
    • ‘This is not easy, as too little fluid will cause hypoperfusion whereas too much will lead to oedema that will cause tissue hypoxia.’
    • ‘These hemorrhagic and hemolytic events would result in tissue hypoxia that would, in turn, stimulate erythropoiesis.’
    • ‘Increased hypoxia in local tissues, marked oedema of the toes, or development of venous hypertension may be involved.’
    • ‘The hypothetical role of tissue hypoxia also needs to be explored.’
    1. 1.1 Oxygen deficiency in a biotic environment.
      ‘aquatic hypoxia’
      • ‘Emersion results in hypoxia in many aquatic crustaceans.’


1940s: from hypo- (denoting an element in a low valency) + oxygen + -ia.