Definition of hypoxaemia in English:


(US hypoxemia)


mass nounMedicine
  • 1An abnormally low concentration of oxygen in the blood.

    • ‘The patients with the worst lung function experienced more severe nocturnal hypoxemia with exacerbations.’
    • ‘Atelectasis can be responsible for fever and hypoxemia post-operatively.’
    • ‘Indications for postoperative mechanical ventilation are respiratory acidosis, severe hypoxemia, atelectasis, and pneumonia.’
    • ‘However, the mechanism of hypoxemia in liver disease may not be simple.’
    • ‘Correcting a functional abnormality, such as hypoxemia with oxygen therapy, can preserve life while the lung undergoes healing.’
    • ‘People with borderline hypoxaemia at sea level may also need supplementary oxygen to avoid becoming compromised at altitude.’
    • ‘The absence of tachypnoea is the most useful sign for ruling out pneumonia and hypoxaemia.’
    • ‘In addition to the effects of hypoxemia, a major factor is excessive loading of the inspiratory muscles.’
    • ‘Hypoxemia is often observed in patients with chronic liver diseases in the absence of intrinsic lung disease.’
    • ‘Adults with cystic fibrosis are susceptible to hypoxemia, hypercapnia, arousal from sleep, and neurobehavioral impairment.’
    1. 1.1Ecology Oxygen deficiency in a biotic environment.


Late 19th century: from hypo- (denoting an element in a low valency) + oxygen + -aemia.