Definition of hypotonic in English:



  • 1Biology
    Having a lower osmotic pressure than a particular fluid, typically a body fluid or intracellular fluid.

    • ‘About 5 ml of hypotonic solution was added.’
    • ‘Thus, the photodamaged lysosomes and the normal ones will suffer the same level of osmotic stress in the same hypotonic sucrose medium.’
    • ‘At the end of the culture period cells were harvested, exposed to a hypotonic solution and fixed in methanol/acetic acid.’
    • ‘To collect the cells, the cultures were centrifuged and treated with hypotonic solution for 30 min at 37°C.’
    • ‘After 15 min five drops of methanol/acetic acid were added to the hypotonic solution to begin cell fixation.’
  • 2Physiology
    Of or in a state of abnormally low muscle tone.

    • ‘Cerebral palsy takes the form of a hypotonic tetraplegia when the child has a mobility problem but with floppy muscles.’
    • ‘On arrival, at 3 hours of age, he was hypotonic with tonic seizures of the upper extremities and bilaterally fixed, dilated pupils.’
    • ‘The infant with botulism becomes progressively weak, hypotonic and hyporeflexic, showing bulbar and spinal nerve abnormalities.’