Definition of hypotensive in English:



  • 1Lowering the blood pressure.

    ‘hypotensive drugs’
    • ‘The hypotensive effects of garlic appear to be marginal.’
    • ‘These inhibitors can potentiate the hypotensive effects of nitrates and alpha blockers.’
    • ‘He was treated with hypotensive drugs and anticoagulants and had no neurological sequelae.’
    • ‘Intravascular volume depletion can also potentiate the hypotensive effect of beta blockade.’
    • ‘The main secondary outcomes were recorded treatment with hypotensive agents, lipid lowering drugs, and antiplatelet drugs.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or suffering from abnormally low blood pressure.
      ‘one of these animals was hypotensive’
      • ‘The patient's final admission occurred 2 months later, when she became hypotensive during hemodialysis.’
      • ‘Forty hypotensive subjects and 40 normotensive controls participated in this study.’
      • ‘Within 12 hours he was hypotensive, oliguric, tachypnoeic, increasingly drowsy, and confused.’
      • ‘Despite administration of multiple boluses of fluid, he remained hypotensive and anuric.’
      • ‘For a brief period she became hypotensive but fever resolved, her dermatitis improved and she made a good recovery.’