Definition of hypostatize in English:


(British hypostatise)


  • Treat or represent (something abstract) as a concrete reality.

    another term for hypostasize
    • ‘Unfortunately, our modern consciousness wants to hypostatize nature - to grasp clearly and unambiguously what this ‘thing’ is so that we can preserve it.’
    • ‘We must beware of hypostatizing the ‘market’ as a real entity, a maker of inexorable decisions.’
    • ‘If we do not wish to hypostatize the world or ontologize the subject by making either one a ground, then the relation in question must be independent of their terms.’
    • ‘Similarly, when it comes to the peaceniks, they end up hypostatizing the idea of peace as a state of pure, positive activity.’
    • ‘She notes that the link hypostatizes and embodies the ‘bonds… to a cultural identity and collective past.’’
    • ‘The method, as contradictions accumulate, is then rather fantastically hypostatized as the efflux of decadence itself.’
    • ‘Barth's philosophical skepticism is rooted in the belief that ‘reality’ is our ideas about ‘reality’ hypostatized.’
    • ‘But there is also self-reflection in the emancipation-oriented sense, self-reflection as releasing the subject from dependence on hypostatized powers.’
    • ‘In any case, Albert avoids hypostatizing these modes by explaining them as relations between the things to which the terms refer.’