Definition of hypospray in English:



trademark in US
  • (chiefly in science fiction) a device used to introduce a drug or other substance into the body through the skin without puncturing it.

    • ‘The invention of real hyposprays, like the kind Dr. McCoy uses, was just the beginning.’
    • ‘Finally, he reached into the coat and pulled out a hypospray, a small pistol shaped tool with a rounder barrel and notch at the top for inserting vials.’
    • ‘He spun a hypospray in one hand, then pressed it to Bracks' neck, sending him into merciful unconsciousness.’
    • ‘Then he looked at the hypospray, grinned, and put it to his own neck.’
    • ‘Suddenly I felt a coldness against my neck and the brief pinch that usually meant someone had just punched a hypospray into my bloodstream.’