Definition of hypomagnesaemic in English:


(US hypomagnesemic)


Veterinary Medicine Medicine
  • See hypomagnesaemia

    • ‘In a hypomagnesemic patient with healthy kidneys, the excretion of magnesium should be less than 1 mEq / L.’
    • ‘Two of the three hypomagnesaemic patients were hypokalaemic.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that some forms of hypertension could be due to the direct effects of a hypomagnesaemic state on arteriolar and venular tone.’
    • ‘Approximately 90% of patients who receive this nephrotoxic antineoplastic drug will become hypomagnesemic.’
    • ‘There was a single case of clinical hypomagnesaemic tetany for a ewe grazing an N plus K plot in year 1.’