Definition of hypoid in English:


(also hypoid gear)


  • A bevel wheel with teeth engaging with a spiral pinion mounted at right angles to the wheel's axis, used to connect non-intersecting shafts in vehicle transmissions and other mechanisms.

    • ‘The swivels, rear end, and transfer case needed hypoids and we used up all we had filling those chambers.’
    • ‘People have fitted hypoids and used stiffer springs to limit the travel.’
    • ‘I also know that a hypoid gear set is used in my NH baler, connecting the flywheel to the rear driveshaft.’
    • ‘Normally all spiral bevel cutting machines have the provision for hypoid also but capacity for producing hypoids depended on gear size.’
    • ‘The hypoid saw has specially heat treated beveled steel gears unlike the bronze alloy gears of the worm drive models.’
    • ‘When driving in heavy traffic the hybrid car may loose up to 10% of fuel only because of the hypoid gear.’
    • ‘No matter what you call them, wormdrives, hypoids, and sidewinders do the same thing, just differently.’
    • ‘The hypoid gear places the pinion off-axis to the crown wheel which allows the pinion to be larger in diameter.’
    • ‘I will not buy any other brand of saw due to the shear power beating out heavier worm drives and hypoids.’
    • ‘To be suitable for use with hypoid gears, a lubricant must be capable of resisting high pressures.’
    • ‘We have been trying shot peening on our hypoid gears to increase their fatigue life.’
    • ‘As I understand it, the process for hypoids is a generating process, and as such is pretty much relegated to a machine specially made for it.’
    • ‘Bevel and hypoid gears may be used to transmit power between shafts at practically any angle and speed.’
    • ‘High-ratio hypoids are gaining in use because they can be ground for greater accuracy.’
    • ‘Inside the diff, the hypoid ring-and-pinion gear is connected to the left and right half shafts via an electromagnetic clutch on each side.’
    • ‘Transmissions commonly use spur gears, while hypoid gear designs are usually employed as the main gearing in differentials.’
    • ‘The author applies his new method for tooth contact analyses on spiral bevel and hypoid gears.’
    • ‘It is essential that hypoid gears should be lubricated with Omega 690 gear oil suitable for severe loading.’


1920s: perhaps a contraction of hyperboloid.