Definition of hypocentre in English:



  • 1The point within the earth where an earthquake originates.

    • ‘Displacement at the hypocentre of the earthquake must be sufficiently large to propagate to the surface.’
    • ‘Lynch said each quake had a hypocentre - latitude, longitude and depth - which would give the location below the ground.’
    • ‘The starting point of an earthquake under ground is called the hypocentre or focus.’
    • ‘Accurate determinations of hypocentres indicate that the upper part of the basement to the Simple Folded Zone is actively deforming.’
  • 2The point on the earth's surface directly above or below an exploding nuclear bomb.

    ‘the Hall's position at the hypocentre of the blast saved it from more severe damage’
    • ‘Those who were within two kilometres of the hypocentre had 50 times the expected incidence within five years.’
    • ‘Directly underneath the hypocentre and not far from this point the damage was massive.’
    • ‘‘If you project that hypocentre to the surface, you would get the epicentre which is the latitude and longitude,’ he said.’