Definition of hypnotist in English:



  • A person who carries out hypnosis, either for medical reasons or for entertainment.

    ‘a stage hypnotist’
    ‘an expert clinician and skilled hypnotist’
    • ‘He offers his assistance as a hypnotist to regress the amnesiac back to the point of her nightmares, hopefully sparking her memory.’
    • ‘The stage hypnotist selects the candidates, who go along with the suggestion and cannot get their hands apart until he tells them, "Now, it's okay to relax and separate them".’
    • ‘Stage hypnotists are popular attractions at bars and comedy clubs.’
    • ‘He knows that his real suspect is some sort of master hypnotist.’
    • ‘A sideshow hypnotist erases her memory of her life in the African treetops and convinces her that she and Lyle are husband and wife.’
    • ‘He is a well-established hypnotist and has had a television show in Australia.’
    • ‘Putting your faith in the hypnotist seems to be a large part of why it works.’
    • ‘The star attraction was a hypnotist.’
    • ‘He has tried a hypnotist for his compulsion but that didn't seem to help.’
    • ‘This would be similar to the amazing case of the woman who was put in an altered state of consciousness by an amateur hypnotist in 1952.’