Definition of hyphy in English:



mass noun
  • A style of uptempo hip-hop music originating in northern California and associated with a frenetic style of dancing.

    ‘hyphy's stop-and-go beats and lyrics championing neighbourhood unity rallied the city’
    • ‘Hip hop's cognoscenti crowned hyphy as the new crunk.’
    • ‘The sound was all spacious clicks and hums and whirrs, and you could hear echoes of in in the jerk music that replaced hyphy.’
    • ‘He's ready to introduce hyphy to the masses.’
    • ‘His son started a music career there and was recognized by other rappers within a West Coast hip-hop strain called hyphy.’
    • ‘He put out an album of hyphy.’
    • ‘The last time Northern California was this exciting, hyphy was in full swing.’
    • ‘In hyphy, the drums could sound like a brick tumbling around in a dryer.’
    • ‘Hyphy is bringing crunk to a whole new level.’
    • ‘Echoes of hyphy run all through Mustard's catalog.’
    • ‘Along with the lack of hyphy is also the fact that the music stops completely when there is no jukebox selection.’


  • Extremely rowdy, excited, or energetic.

    ‘the whole club is gonna get hyphy’
    • ‘There is an association of freedom with one's ability to go dumb and get hyphy.’
    • ‘We got hyphy in da parking lot after the club let out!’
    • ‘What's the difference between being manic and plain old gettin' hyphy?’
    • ‘They were getting me so hyphy.’
    • ‘The community kids' jumping around and going hyphy‥was brought under submission.’
    • ‘I am beyond hyphy!’
    • ‘The kids were ghostriding the whips, going dumb and getting hyphy.’
    • ‘Occupants ghost-ride, dance on the hood and roof, and otherwise get hyphy.’
    • ‘Here's 11 tracks from the lineup that should get you hyphy.’
    • ‘Actually, I think this place is pretty hyphy.’


Early 21st century: perhaps an alteration of hype or hyper.