Definition of hypermarket in English:



  • A very large self-service store with a wide range of goods and a large car park, typically situated outside a town.

    • ‘The Shanghai-based retailer operates 2,706 outlets, including hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores.’
    • ‘The remainder is sold through western-style supermarkets, hypermarkets and privatised local stores called Gastronom or Producty.’
    • ‘But Tesco's market dominance doesn't stop at the supermarkets or the hypermarkets.’
    • ‘It is less common to have free access in a store, although the growth of large hypermarkets and shopping malls is changing this custom.’
    • ‘In addition to department stores and specialty chain stores, hypermarkets are proliferating in Taiwan.’
    • ‘The hypermarket's car park lot will provide space for 70 cars.’
    • ‘If they all close down because of competition from big hypermarkets five miles outside town, and you haven't got a car, what do you do?’
    • ‘By all means drive to the out-of-town hypermarket for your bulk shopping.’
    • ‘Speculation that the changes would pave the way for vast continental-style hypermarkets outside city centres was inaccurate.’
    • ‘The produce and fish departments at Carrefour's Chinese hypermarkets resemble traditional outdoor markets.’
    • ‘It is here they need assistance if they are not to be crushed by the hypermarket and chain store.’
    • ‘Streams of people packed hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores to stockpile household necessities.’
    • ‘It will have 140 retail outlets, a hypermarket and 12 cinema theatres, including the country's first 3D IMAX cinema, with 800 seats.’
    • ‘Large hypermarkets and stores already offer POS terminals mainly because of two reasons.’
    • ‘Some critics are not convinced that future shoppers will abandon malls and hypermarkets.’
    • ‘The outlets it now controls include five hypermarkets, 27 supermarkets, 389 convenience stores and eight drug stores.’
    • ‘But like any other nation in the western world, France has its share of unimaginative hotel chains, fast food stores and hypermarkets.’
    • ‘Calais, with a new array of quality hypermarkets and malls, has far more to offer than you first think.’
    • ‘There are an abundance of new stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.’
    • ‘We are pretty happy with how we are developing two of our main formats, the hypermarkets and the hard discount stores.’
    store, retail store, outlet, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry
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1970s: translation of French hypermarché, from hyper- ‘beyond, exceeding’ + marché ‘market’.