Definition of hyperlocal in English:



  • Relating to or focusing on matters concerning a small community or geographical area.

    ‘an app which provides hyperlocal weather forecasts’
    ‘Chicago's leading hyperlocal news source’
    ‘consumers demand content that is highly personalized and hyperlocal’
    • ‘The hyperlocal news site announced today it was shutting down for good.’
    • ‘They are now putting that data to work to create a hyperlocal digital marketing platform for grocers.’
    • ‘For example, this means you can get hyperlocal with photos taken within a tiny area like a small park, or wider like a whole city.’
    • ‘But a new series of hyperlocal maps based on surveys with residents provides a vivid and detailed picture of conditions in this fractured city.’
    • ‘And in addition to locally grown organic produce, hyperlocal items, such as vegetables raised in restaurant gardens, are also expected to ramp up in 2013.’
    • ‘While digital media is a faceless organization, print has the ability to be hyperlocal.’
    • ‘But the tool could also be used to set up topical hyperlocal conversations on the fly.’
    • ‘The universities worked with The New York Times to start and then run hyperlocal blogs.’
    • ‘At a time when national newspapers are getting killed in the print world, the old newspaper model works in hyperlocal markets.’
    • ‘These meteorology buffs crave a device that will track hyperlocal data in real time, right from their backyard.’