Definition of hypericum in English:



  • A yellow-flowered plant of a genus that includes the St John's worts, tutsan, and rose of Sharon.

    Genus Hypericum, family Guttiferae

    • ‘Twenty five years on, the crevices between rocks are filled with cushions of saxifrages, tiny yellow Potentilla cuneata, ferns and hypericums.’
    • ‘Attach clusters of hypericum sprigs to a wire wreath form by overlapping them and wrapping them with waxed florist's twine.’
    • ‘Pale orange roses share a julep cup with dusty miller, green hypericum berries, and yellow leucadendron knob flowers.’
    • ‘And most grocery-store floral departments stock seasonal fillers-pine, hypericum berries, and variegated holly - starting in early December.’
    • ‘Delicate rosebuds bundled with sprigs of rosemary and hypericum berries update the Old World charm of a classic goose-feather tree.’


Latin, from Greek hupereikon, from huper ‘over, above’ + ereikē ‘heath’.