Definition of hypergolic in English:



  • (of a rocket propellant) igniting spontaneously on mixing with another substance.

    • ‘Other onboard power sources serve as latent explosion triggers, including batteries, other pressurized systems, fuel cells and hypergolic fuels.’
    • ‘The Titan uses Aerojet-General LR87 and LR91 engines burning liquid hypergolic propellants that ignite spontaneously on contact.’
    • ‘‘It had hypergolic fuels aboard, which tend to be kind of corrosive,’ Matney told’
    • ‘The testing of the hypergolic performance of the formulations can be achieved without gelling.’
    • ‘The ignition model predicts the amount of hypergolic needed for successful ignition.’
    • ‘It should be noted that pyrophoricity is a special case of a hypergolic reaction because the oxidizing agent is restricted to atmospheric oxygen.’
    • ‘Novel catalysts capable of rendering both polar and non-polar organic fuels hypergolic with rocket-grade hydrogen peroxide are disclosed.’


1940s: from German Hypergol, probably from hyper- ‘beyond’ + Greek ergon ‘work’ + -ol.