Definition of hypallage in English:



  • A transposition of the natural relations of two elements in a proposition, for example in the sentence ‘Melissa shook her doubtful curls’.

    • ‘It is easier to give examples than to explain hypallage.’
    • ‘The English index covers topics and authors; as a sample I give four consecutive entries: hunting, Hyginus, hymn-language and hypallage.’
    • ‘Hyphens and adverbs partake of this concatenation of the style that ends up creating hypallages.’
    • ‘I've also left out extremely rare or poetic devices (like hypallage) and terms referring to common linguistic errors (like anacoluthon).’
    • ‘Just as in Debussy's Preludes, these epigraphs are also metaphors, hypallages and paradigms that can be interpreted ad libitum.’


Late 16th century: via late Latin from Greek hupallagē, from hupo ‘under’ + allassein ‘to exchange’.