Definition of hygienist in English:



  • 1A specialist in the promotion of clean conditions for the preservation of health.

    ‘an industrial hygienist’
    • ‘After the property was dried out, an industrial hygienist came in to make sure it was safe to inhabit.’
    • ‘Exposure assessment was made by occupational hygienists, who used questionnaires, interviews, and measurements.’
    • ‘Even if you're not covered, contact an industrial hygienist or a company that specializes in mold remediation to take a look.’
    • ‘For experienced hygienists, the pay is around $250 to $300 per day.’
    • ‘Experienced industrial hygienists inspected the buildings and noted details of their construction, including the type of ventilation system.’
    • ‘Responsibility was delegated to the Ministry of Health, the main hygienist of the Slovak Republic, and regional hygienists.’
    • ‘In the past, industrial hygienists mainly focused their concerns on inhalation exposure.’
    • ‘Such sampling is the purview of the industrial hygienist.’
    • ‘Many hygienists began to think that there was no threshold level for carcinogens.’
    • ‘The French hygienists commented: ‘The stagnant waters of the inundated places are no less noxious to public health than the burial grounds.’’
    • ‘It is impossible to find a hygienist who does not debase his theory of the healthful with a theory of the virtuous.’
    • ‘For example, fluorescent tracers and video imaging have allowed industrial hygienists to measure farm workers' exposure to pesticides.’
    • ‘In addition some companies will have occupational hygienists to assist the safety advisers, for example with monitoring noise and dusts.’
    • ‘The safety manager/industrial hygienist conducted a sampling of mass concentration of particulates.’
    • ‘Medical surveillance is ideally performed along with a work-site review conducted by an appropriate professional, such as an industrial hygienist.’
    • ‘That unpredictability is why industrial hygienists get all twitchy when they hear ‘mercury’ and ‘carpet’ in the same sentence.’
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