Definition of hydroxylate in English:



[with object]often as adjective hydroxylated
  • Introduce a hydroxyl group into (a molecule or compound)

    ‘a hydroxylated metabolite of cholecalciferol’
    • ‘Both women and men with lupus have been found to have increased concentrations of 16 - hydroxylated estrogens in the serum.’
    • ‘It appears generally that hydroxylated indoles undergo photodegradation more readily than nonhydroxylated derivatives.’
    • ‘It is hydroxylated to an active form in the liver, influenced by the level of serum calcium.’
    • ‘Amoxapine is hydroxylated by the liver and has an average half-life of 8 hours.’
    • ‘The pheromone has been partially purified and consists of several related molecules similar to hydroxylated fatty acids.’