Definition of hydrosphere in English:



usually the hydrosphere
  • All the waters on the earth's surface, such as lakes and seas, and sometimes including water over the earth's surface, such as clouds.

    • ‘It starts with the lithosphere (earth's crust and soil), goes on to atmosphere and hydrosphere (air and water), and ends up with the biosphere (living things).’
    • ‘Chlorine occurs abundantly in the Earth's crust and in the Earth's hydrosphere.’
    • ‘Oxygen also occurs in the hydrosphere in the form of water, of which it makes up nearly 89% by weight, and in the Earth's crust.’
    • ‘For example, the discovery of hydrothermal vents in the 1970s offered a clear proof of significant dynamic connections between the lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.’
    • ‘Carbon returns to the hydrosphere when carbon dioxide dissolves in the oceans, as well as in lakes and other bodies of water.’