Definition of hydronic in English:



  • Denoting a cooling or heating system in which heat is transported using circulating water.

    • ‘A properly operating hydronic system seldom needs to be bled.’
    • ‘In cool months, the interior is warmed by a combination of passive solar energy and a hydronic radiant-heat system.’
    • ‘They value high-quality, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and willingly increase house prices and forego air conditioning in order to include hydronic heat.’
    • ‘A complete hydronic heating system runs between $6,500 and $7,500 installed (and about $10,000 for a high-end multi-fuel system).’
    • ‘These heaters also can act as backup heat sources for hydronic radiant-heat systems and solar water heaters.’
    • ‘Instead of circulating warm air throughout a home, a hydronic system pumps hot water or steam from a boiler through pipes and radiators or copper-finned baseboard radiators, and then returns it to be reheated and recirculated.’
    • ‘In winter, the walls' mass keeps out the cold and stores the gentle heat radiating from a hydronic floor system.’
    • ‘‘The floors are warmed with a hydronic radiant system,’ says Hertz.’
    • ‘But just in case, we included hydronic radiant heat that circulates hot water through pipes imbedded in the concrete floor to heat the house in winter.’
    • ‘If your home already has forced-hot-air ductwork, you may want to consider installing a wood-fired furnace (as opposed to a hydronic hot water system).’
    • ‘Plastic hydronic piping is cast into the concrete floor slabs, which is used as the finished ceiling, with suspended indirect lighting.’
    • ‘The two most common radiant floor warming systems are hydronic, usually a whole house heating solution used not just for floors, or electric.’
    • ‘A hydronic valence convector system provides radiant cooling and heating of the offices using significantly less energy than fan coil units would.’
    • ‘A hydronic heating system can maintain such a temperature even in the coldest weather.’
    • ‘Combined space heating/domestic hot water systems are not limited to hydronic systems.’
    • ‘Additional heating is provided by a hydronic radiant system embedded in the top level's poured-earth floor.’
    • ‘The large area of wooden flooring conceals hydronic geothermal heating, using the nearby lake as a heat source/sink.’
    • ‘Yes, but don't you care about the hydronic heat, also?’
    • ‘The group also was able to include a hydronic heating system, which is healthier for a home's inhabitants but usually much more expensive than forced-air heat.’