Definition of hydrolase in English:



  • usually with modifier An enzyme that catalyses the hydrolysis of a particular substrate.

    • ‘Thus, although not a nudix hydrolase, this enzyme seems to fulfil the housecleaning role proposed for nudix hydrolases.’
    • ‘More recent work suggests that the cell wall hydrolase, pectin methyl esterase, plays a role in weakening of the megagametophyte, allowing radicle emergence and the completion of germination.’
    • ‘Microsomal epoxide hydrolase detoxifies reactive oxygen species generated by endotoxin exposure, and polymorphisms of the miH gene are associated with altered enzyme activity.’
    • ‘Biopterin is a vital cofactor in tryptophan hydrolase's conversion of tryptophan to serotonin.’
    • ‘This enzyme, a lysosomal hydrolase, is involved in the catabolism of neutral glycosphingolipids.’