Definition of hydrofluoric acid in English:

hydrofluoric acid


mass nounChemistry
  • An acidic, extremely corrosive solution of the liquid hydrogen fluoride in water.

    Chemical formula: HF

    • ‘As I reached to touch it, I learned that the ‘water’ was actually frozen hydrofluoric acid.’
    • ‘White quartz frequently coats the fluorite crystals and can be removed with hydrofluoric acid.’
    • ‘But if you're going to be precise, hydrofluoric acid is a water solution of hydrogen fluoride, HF.’
    • ‘Toxic gases may be emitted, and poisoning from carbon monoxide, hydrofluoric acid, and sulphur dioxide can occur.’
    • ‘Selected hand-picked samples were analyzed after being dissolved (typically using hydrofluoric acid for silicates and concentrated nitric acid for phosphates).’


hydrofluoric acid