Definition of hydrate in English:



Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪdreɪt/
  • A compound, typically a crystalline one, in which water molecules are chemically bound to another compound or an element.

    • ‘Methane hydrates belong to a group of compounds known as gas hydrates.’
    • ‘Methane hydrate is an ice-like compound in which methane molecules are enclosed in cavities formed by water molecules.’
    • ‘Most of the remainder comes from wetlands, gas hydrates, permafrost, and termites.’
    • ‘The two most stable species of phosphates are the two extremes of hydrates, the anhydrous salt and the fully hydrated salt.’
    • ‘Gas hydrate is a crystalline substance composed of gas and water.’


[with object]
Pronunciation /hʌɪˈdreɪt/
  • 1Cause to absorb water.

    ‘a powerful moisturizer that hydrates the skin for up to twelve hours’
    • ‘The skin is constantly hydrated and has protection against line-producing dehydration.’
    • ‘First spray on a little water to hydrate your skin.’
    • ‘The chicken feet are first blanched with boiling water to hydrate the skin.’
    • ‘Water not only hydrates, but it also can increase your blood volume to help make you stronger when you train.’
    • ‘These are usually emollients, which soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin.’
    • ‘On their own they will not have a huge impact on symptoms, but they will help to reduce the appearance of scale and redness, they help to hydrate the skin and can soothe itch if present.’
    • ‘And I do have unlimited bottled water and orange juice here with which to hydrate myself.’
    • ‘This not only hydrates the plant but settles the soil close to the roots, getting rid of any air pockets.’
    • ‘The great thing is that it hydrates and protects your skin without leaving your face looking oily.’
    • ‘This one is really good for dry skin, this one hydrates your skin, what do you want it for?’
    • ‘The treatment is supposed to hydrate skin immediately, making the face appear smoother and plumper.’
    • ‘Facial moisturizers help hydrate the skin on your face.’
    • ‘The essential oils of palmarosa, jasmine, sandalwood, and orange blossom hydrate the face to help hold in natural moisture.’
    • ‘While I was still tingling from that experience a steam mask was put over my face to deep clean my pores and to hydrate my skin further.’
    • ‘Rub the sachet over your entire body to cleanse and hydrate dry skin.’
    • ‘When training in hot weather, you need to systematically hydrate your body properly.’
    • ‘Moisturise and hydrate skin thoroughly before going to bed.’
    • ‘Replenish moisture lost during the super-cleansing by hydrating your skin thoroughly.’
    • ‘It hydrates the child throughout the day and gives them the various vitamins and minerals that will help sustain their concentration at school.’
    • ‘All that water you downed hydrates your skin, making your cheeks rosy and eyes bright - bonus!’
    1. 1.1Chemistry Combine chemically with water molecules.
      ‘hydrated silicate crystals’
      • ‘All ions in solution are hydrated, surrounded by water molecules that bond to it through ionic attractions.’
      • ‘Water bridges represent the most economical way to hydrate the surface of molecules, with an associated entropic cost.’
      • ‘Caesium is a weakly hydrated alkaline metal with chemical similarities to potassium.’
      • ‘Sections were dewaxed in xylene and hydrated in ethanol.’
      • ‘When an ionic solute is dissolved in water equilibrium is established between the solid phase and the various hydrated ionic species.’


Early 19th century: coined in French from Greek hudōr ‘water’.