Definition of hydel in English:



  • Hydroelectric.

    ‘India has a massive potential to develop hydel power’
    • ‘It became the first city in Indian history to light up on hydel energy.’
    • ‘Though the power position is grim, hydel storage levels can still meet the peaking requirements.’
    • ‘If there is a drought and power is required, hydel power will not suffice because of inadequate flows of water.’
    • ‘The 2.2 per cent fall in hydel generation had a dampening effect on total generation.’
    • ‘China's hydel power achievements are owing to its leaders ' expertise in the relevant areas.’
    • ‘Countries which are particularly rich in hydel resources can implement such projects without inundation of forest resources or human displacement.’
    • ‘The Indian state of Kerala is planning to build small hydel power plants with the help of Chinese expertise.’
    • ‘We organise projects ranging from education to setting up mini hydel power plants for the benefit of the local people.’
    • ‘John went on a hunger strike against the proposed hydel project.’
    • ‘A network of mini hydel power plants can deliver energy equivalent to a big hydel project without imposing a strain on ecological systems.’
    • ‘The funds thus generated would be used in financing hydel power projects in the state.’
    • ‘The present storage is only of the order of 5,500 MCM including hydel reservoirs.’
    • ‘It is estimated that the state has a potential to set up 400 small hydel projects with a total power generation capacity of 800-1,000 mw.’
    • ‘With increasing communication, the steady break-down of geographical isolation and a spate of hydel projects, Kinnaur is steadily changing.’
    • ‘Mr Gupta claimed that NHPC plans to generate nearly 1700 MW power from these hydel projects.’
    • ‘The power development department has warned people to use electricity judiciously, since power generation in almost all the hydel projects has come down because of low water level.’
    • ‘A trek to the major hydel reservoirs in the district will also be organised from December 17 to 19, 2004.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister said while generation of hydel power gives rise to concerns on environment and dislocation, creation of solar power in large quantity would take some time.’
    • ‘As part of the reconstruction exercise, Kabul would be getting 300 MW of power from a hydel power venture in Uzbekistan.’