Definition of hybrid bill in English:

hybrid bill


  • (in the UK) a legislative bill that combines the characteristics of a private and public bill.

    ‘the hybrid bill needed to make the scheme into law has been delayed’
    • ‘They will use a parliamentary device known as a hybrid bill that, after a public consultation, will enable building to start within five years.’
    • ‘The Government wants to pass a hybrid bill giving powers to build the line before 2015.’
    • ‘A hybrid bill would have bypassed normal planning processes and fast-tracked the scheme without proper public consultation.’
    • ‘He said: "The hybrid Bill will cover all the options, but the funding might not be there for all of them."’
    • ‘The passage of a hybrid bill is much more arduous than normal legislation, involving extensive oral cross-examination and allowing anyone affected to testify personally to Parliament.’
    • ‘A hybrid bill could be introduced to Parliament this autumn.’
    • ‘The major works have to wait until the Hybrid Bill is law.’
    • ‘"If the hybrid bill had been passed, it would have taken 10 years for the project to die a death."’
    • ‘A hybrid bill paving the way for the scheme could be introduced in the next parliamentary session.’
    • ‘The hybrid bill is a welcome step forwards but we still don't know how it will be paid for, or who will pay for it.’