Definition of hyaline membrane disease in English:

hyaline membrane disease


mass noun
  • A condition in newborn babies in which the lungs are deficient in surfactant, which prevents their proper expansion and causes the formation of hyaline material in the lung spaces.

    • ‘At autopsy, there was extensive acute hyaline membrane disease.’
    • ‘The patient had a history of hyaline membrane disease that was treated initially with three doses of Survanta artificial surfactant and steroids.’
    • ‘Neonatal pneumonia can closely mimic hyaline membrane disease clinically, and is the most frequent cause of septicemia in neonate.’
    • ‘Adequate prenatal care and early intervention in this case may have avoided not only the fetal morbidity and mortality secondary to congenital syphilis, but the prematurity and hyaline membrane disease as well.’
    • ‘A significant cause of death in premature infants and, on occasion, in full term infants is respiratory distress syndrome or hyaline membrane disease.’


hyaline membrane disease

/ˌhʌɪəlʌɪn ˈmɛmbreɪn dɪˌziːz/